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invisibility shield within every soul, our little trap door…

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The purpose of you and acquaintances

What is it with you and your meets…
Are you charming or charmed… active/passive voice/voiceless…
Are they helping you kill, time, maintaining status quo or fueling your addiction of mindlessness or is there a purpose to your existence. Basically is there progress in your practices. What does time mean to you, and what is your awareness about your vicinity. What is the flow, of knowledge and resources…. in,out, sustained or self preservation.

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Less rhetoric

always make sure you don’t end up with a lot words, no matter how good it is; maintain a healthy of the verbiage and the none verbiage. This is a good, practice for year.

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The Year 2019 is UPON US… (SHUFFLE YOUR DECKS !! Let the game resume again)

Had rushed through most of 2018 just to slow down 🐌 everything… and now ready to sprint through the chains of the new construct of the year time concept, where the idea is recognizing patterns to realizations for better management. Every year resolves back to a home position only to go back out again. Here we go again…

Had taken a recess to a bare minimized foot-print on the social, to meetup deadlines before the turn over of the calendar, of course the year in review was pretty loud and full of challenges; many of which didn’t make it, broadcast consumption, my blackberry, my computers and what have you. Apple had recently wiped a terabyte of my data over a broken screen, many unpublished creation gone again he-he, mostly videos though and some none-Mac apps too. Evidently somethings the Apple Corp don’t care or respect, they SAY they do though. That’s is not innovative your stuff get lost like that. They say is because the computer is so thin, and I say is it thinner than a phone? It is quite possible to take even that apart and put together without compromises. SD cards can still hold your data through a range of conditions; I expect the computer to withstand more.

That aside, yes it gets exciting the closer we get to the mark of the annual calendar or start of a new one. Every year seems to be different, and I guess the idea is to make more meaningful. So breaking routines, to allow space and time to revert to a previous states momentarily, to detoxify not just the body(flesh), but the mind too (mainly to counter everything for balance and leverage). Some have never known silence, it has always been a seamless transfer from one stretcher to the next, in the orchestral pandemonium of emergency room-like events, with clattering and clanging of the winds of change, never-minding the tasks at hand, while seeking validations. Somewhere the spell was lost that fuels it all, like an ant that lost its wings, as one continues to grope in search of nothingness in a haste; however, in progression some come to fruition in germination like the seeds that weathered change.
Events tend to warp time as I scramble to finish the tittle for the year, perhaps to be refined with time. I don’t remember my predictions for the year, better that way///
How about we start with Zombies 🧟‍♂️ and Squids 🦑 HAHAHA. Decide which one you are going to be, then think about how you would survive and let that idea play out.
No worries put your, best foot forward is what that means and mind what happens between blinks. Probably explain later.
Make it a happy one… (happy-meaning to know)

Take time with stretching then warm up, to get ready set with gears and shields or what water your construct; to GO! At some point. There should be a better sense of direction, toddler do, right after banging out the round pegs square holes;why should grown ups get stuck. There was much weeping in 2018 it appears. We’ll see what happens with all that. I smell more battles.

So, may it be purposeful as we trade the mills of the so called familiar daily spins.

Happy New Year# minus the craziness !! Unless beneficial…
I don’t believe anything is crazy anyway.

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Mind the Gap, between…

Between your greetings, is it tailored to specificity; or it is it a mindless regurgitation. Think of a greetings as a suit, you sew for the first of for the person you meet and idea is to tailor it to fit. So you have to be specific or else it doesn’t fit, it could be loose or tight and what have you. Are they going to like it. This becomes part of them as you modify it to fit and better and better each time.

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How can I just let you walk away, just let you leave without a trace

So, while that may be a song, it actually reality. We are often stuck asking question behind principles we have worked out or logistics we don’t know. We let me try to answer it. Every living thing collects information; however, not all things that. collection information are living, you systems that we created that do the same things, yes we all feed into that rigid library.
That aside let me focus on we ourselves, so we subconsciously collect information with hopes of trading it for something in the future, in the line of opportunities. Usually, when that limit is reached the transformation occurs, when feel we have enough or that something no longer meets needs. Yes we deal cards all day long, and as long there is mystery in and potential opportunity, one sticks around. The time you fully are revealed, there is no need for you for we are unique beings. The idea is maintain a healthy aspect of mystery through nature. Every living thing collects samples, the samples changes you, yes everything thing matters and don’t be confused. What you going to do when your cup is full, when you no longer miss… that’s the walk away.
Know-ledge, what you know, determines a magnitude and direction… it’s power, a key most often withheld to keep you in the basement making, butter, music or whatever the trade is…. The idea of it all is to trade knowledge, not to have it taken from you, and definitely not marketed as Tech-nology. Take this and run! Happy New Year!!

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Just Another Day, For Me & You In Paradise

Yes we have to maintain to keep paradise nice & tidy; what ? it isn’t another day, is it another week, month, year, decade… Okay, stop they are just variable, and you have bad logic. We are all talking of the same thing, you just have to calm down and realize yourself first and what you actually know or created, then only then can you recognize or relate to any thing else.

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I don’t know how

is a self defeat. it more like you don’t want to know; the idea is that you start what you know, and follow the link; that’s it, it’s all connected. Creatures of survival play on what instinct dictate. Nothing really comes as what they really are, they are all a mask. Nothing really matter until you can relate, there is no time to talk, or waste except if that’s the intention. Follow your intention.

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Does what matters today, matter tomorrow??

what of when everyone abandons the ship, will you still relate to the ship; are you in relationship with truth? or with your feelings, and is your feelings a mismanagement of access points, a faulty logic. Fruitful thoughts for the day.

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Are we going through an identity crises?

Yes, only you can define you… we are like caterpillar to some day become butterfly. Every move every calculated steps take you closer to what you are going to become. Set your dials and see you in the future. We are creative being and that should be least of issues, but we have lost the ability to manage simplest of task and definitely ability to assign a unique identity. One has to be asleep to subscribe to the hopes and dreams that we do. We have been capture.

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